Poncho® Votivo®



Product Information
A systemic insecticide and biological seed dressing for use on maize seed for the control of Black maize beetles (Heteronychus arator), Astylus larvae (Astylus atromaculatus), Ground weevils (Protostrophus spp.), Wireworms (Elateridae), Lesser false wireworms/Dusty surface beetles (Gonochephalum and mesomorphus spp), Greater false wireworms (Somaticus spp.), Leafhoppers (Cicadulina mbila) and the bio-stimulation of plants resulting in better growth and reduced early nematode attack.
Key Benefits  
  • Poncho now has more power with its biological component, Votivo, that protects your roots against visible and invisible enemies
  • Grow your root health
  • Improve your plant population
  • Optimize your yield
  • And thus protect your sustainability
Key Indicators
  • Astylus larvae (Astylus atromaculatus)
  • Black maize beetles (Heteronychus arator),
  • Greater False wireworms (Somaticus spp)
  • Ground weevils (Protostrophus spp.)
  • Lesser false wireworms/Dusty surface beetles (Gonocephalum en Mesomorphus spp.),
  • Wireworms (Elateridae)

Registered Crops
  • Maize
Registration Number
  L9250 (Act No. 36 of 1947)

Active Ingredient
  Clothianidin Neonicotinoid (chloro-nicotinyl)  500 g/l
Bacillus firmus   100 g/l

  200 L


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