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Acceleron® – the seed treatment package that helps you maximise the performance potential of the BAYER® seed you plant from the start. By protecting your seed against a variety of early-season nematodes, insects, soil- and seed-borne diseases, Acceleron® maximises early-season plant stand, uniformity and vigour for higher yield potential.

BAYER has an ongoing commitment to create, evaluate and deliver quality seed treatment products and technologies which can enhance yield and reduce environmental stress.
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  • Ensures healthy, vigorous seed.
  • Protects seed and young seedlings to ensure optimum plant stand.
  • Ensures sound and strong root development from an early stage to enhance the efficacy of water and fertilizer usage.    
  • Early stimulation of growth promotes vigour of crop which has a significant effect on yield.
  • Protects against pests and pathogens, such as cob and tassel smut, maize stripe disease, etc. that can affect plants later in the season.
  • Cost-effective with a low impact on the environment.
  • Target specific and protects where it is most needed, namely, directly in the seed and seedling.
  • Offers timeous control when needed most.
  • Seed treatments marketed by companies such as BAYER are high quality. Only the best products are used, including polymers, which ensure that active ingredients bind to the seed, where they remain, free of dust and without rubbing off. In this way, the flow of the seed is also improved.
Celest® XL (Fludioxonil & Mefanoxam) – L6353
Stamina® (Pyraclostrobin (methoxy-carbamate) – L9382
  • Broad-spectrum fungicide package.
  • Control of fungal diseases such as Phytium sp., Fusarium sp.
  • Includes STAMINA fungicide which controls fungi and stimulates growth and development of the seedling.


Celest® XL (Fludioxonil & Mefanoxam) – L6353
Stamina® (Pyraclostrobin (methoxy-carbamate)) – L9382
Poncho® (Clothianidin) – L8581
Bayton® (Triademinol) – L1697
  • Includes complete fungicide package, as well as control of above- and below-ground insects which can damage seed and seedling.
  • Systemic mode of action ensures protection of the entire seedling.
  • Also contains Bayton® that protects plants against cob and tassel smut.
  • Available in a higher dosage for areas where maize stripe disease is an issue.
Celest® XL (Fludioxonil & Mefanoxam) – L6353
Stamina® (Pyraclostrobin (methoxy-carbamate)) – L9382
Cruiser® Force (Thiamethoxam + Tefluthrin) – L8597
Avicta® (Abamectin) – L8496
  • Includes complete fungicide and insect control package.
  • Additional active (abamectin) controls nematodes.
  • Abamectin kills parasitic nematodes to give very effective protection of young roots.
  • Available in a higher dosage for areas where maize stripe disease is an issue.

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