Why seed treatment matters to us

Planting time is critical on any farm. How many of those tiny seeds will turn out as flourishing plants? For farmers, who’ve invested money and time in planting them, it’s vitally important they grow up strong and healthy.


Comprehensive service portfolio:

Whatever services you chose from Bayer, you can be sure of benefiting from our know-how and passion for seed treatment.

  • Customer support, training and troubleshooting: Ten Seed Growth Centers across the globe and numerous on-site or in-field specialists are there to provide you with hands-on help.
  • Application equipment/technologies: At Bayer we develop customer-specific application technology solutions and invest in the initial and further development of seed-applied technologies in close collaboration with our own and third-party equipment manufacturers. Besides, our own application and equipment specialists are always available to provide on-site advice and support.
  • Quality assessments: Since quality is such a key issue in seed treatment, we develop test methods for seeds; assess loading and dosage of active ingredients, seed-to-seed distribution, flowability and plantability; invest to improve dust management and slurry recipes; and conduct germination and physiological studies both in the field and in our own specialist labs. 
  • Development support: By closely cooperating and interacting with seed companies, seed treaters, industrials and semi-industrials, we help to optimize development processes and produce the best possible seed treatment products.  
  • On-going formulation development: Our on-going investment in research and development enables us to regularly optimize existing seed treatment formulations and develop news ones to meet market requirements.
  • Stewardship: At Bayer we take the stewardship issue very seriously through environmental profiles, operator safety training, certifications and communications. One concrete example of how stewardship is practiced at Bayer comes from our successful efforts to limit dust-off through improving the stickability of film coatings (e.g. via improved product formulations); through tests on application equipment at our Advanced Equipment Department in Minneapolis, USA; through controlling dust during planting via modifications to drilling equipment; and through educating operators, customers, seed companies and seed treaters on dust-off issues.


Preparing samples for quality control of on-seed application






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