Friday, July 5, 2019

Climate FieldView™ launched in Argentina

On Tuesday, June 25, Climate FieldView, the leading digital agriculture platform in the industry, which has already begun to transform the way in which producers manage their operations in the field based on data, has been launched in Argentina.
The event had more than 400 farmers and agronomic consultants participating, and another 1,600 tuning in to a livestream.
The event had more than 400 farmers and agronomic consultants participating, and another 1,600 tuning in to a livestream.

The digital platform will be available in the market in the season 2019-2020. It will provide more producers with a better understanding of their fields and help them make the most of each hectare. Placing Bayer at the forefront of the agricultural digital transformation, the launch event was hold in Costa Salguero. Around 60 journalists from the country’s main media outlets participated in an exclusive press conference and more than 400 producers and leading advisors attended the presentations by the Bayer team. In addition, the meeting was broadcasted live via streaming through Facebook, reaching over 1,500 views.


In the last two years, more than 200 producers from different regions of Argentina tested FieldView™ on over 250,000 hectares of corn, soybeans, wheat and sunflower crops. Now, Argentinian farmers will be able to produce more effectively using digital tools based on real-time data.


During the event, the farmers were able to interact with different tech activations that allows them to experience FieldView™ real value.


“Digital technologies are helping more farmers around the world gain a deeper understanding of their fields through easy-to-use tools that are enhancing their operations,” said Mike Stern, CEO of The Climate Corporation and Head of Digital Farming at Bayer. “Accessing data in real time provides personalized field insights to make critical management decisions and enables more precise field management, helping preserve natural resources and crop inputs. Ultimately, these tools will help contribute to Bayer’s commitments to reduce environmental impact by delivering breakthrough, innovative solutions for more efficient crop production.


FieldView™ will integrate the data on planting, applications, harvesting, monitoring and soil in a unique and connected digital platform, being compatible with the agricultural machinery of the main Argentine companies, including the three leading equipment companies in the country: Abelardo Cuffia, TIM, and Metalfor. Field data collected with FieldView™ is accessible from smartphones, tablets or computers, making it easier for producers to manage their operations. Thus, they can obtain and manage their crop information through the automatic generation of field maps, planting and harvesting reports, as well as having access to satellite imagery tools to help identify potential threats before performance is affected.


Matias Corradi, Climate Business Lead in Argentina for The Climate Corporation, explaining how FieldView™ will give farmers in Argentina a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed decisions to optimize yields, maximize profitability and reduce risks.






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