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What does a day in the life of a modern farmer look like?

For Jasper Roubos, farming is a lifestyle. A sixth-generation farmer in the Netherlands, Jasper has dedicated his life’s work to constantly improving his farm for the next generation. Read on to learn more about one of many farmers Bayer supports worldwide in the effort to provide an ever-growing world with healthy and nutritious food.






Jasper Roubos and his family manage the farm Het Groene Hart, or the Green Heart, located just 20 km from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. Founded in 1870, the 83-hectare farm is named for the rich shades of green found throughout the fields and even painted on the farm buildings. 


Jasper Roubos on the farm.

Jasper’s farm sits in the heart of a particularly fertile region of Holland, around 5 meters below sea level. Rain is abundant in the region. “We fortunately only need a little artificial irrigation,” says Jasper. Jasper has also created an intricate web of micro-dams to encourage proper drainage and avoid environmental run-off, which helps in his efforts to manage the farm’s resources sustainably.

The soil is particularly fertile.

On Het Groene Hart farm, Jasper is committed to sustainably producing high-quality food in a way that respects the local environment and society. From installing a closed bioremediation system for proper wastewater management to using digital decision-support systems and precision agriculture practices, Jasper’s holistic approach to sustainability touches all areas of farm management. Het Groene Hart is one of the founding members of Bayer ForwardFarming, an initiative that partners with independent farmers to demonstrate sustainable agriculture in practice around the world.

Sustainable farming has a high priority for Jasper.

“Being married to a committed farmer and living on the farm means you’ll become a part of the farm’s ecosystem,” says Jasper’s wife Eveline. She partners with Jasper both on and off the farm and manages their other family business – a motorhome campsite – in addition to caring for their two children. To read more about Eveline’s perspective as the wife of a modern farmer, click here.

Jasper's wife Eveline helps on the farm.

Jasper farms with the future in mind: “Now, more than ever, it is important to implement sustainable agriculture practices on the land we are blessed to cultivate.” His home is run on 100 percent solar energy, and he and Eveline have taught their young children, who are also passionate about the farm, how to separate their garbage. “I’m a sixth-generation farmer, and I want the farm to exist for at least another six generations,” says Jasper. “It’s my job to farm sustainably in order to ensure the soil and water quality for the next generations.”

Their son also loves the farm.

Read more about Jasper’s commitment to sustainable farming here.


Jasper Roubos

Jasper is the sixth generation of his family to manage Het Groene Hart Farm in the Netherlands. There, he grows winter wheat, potatoes, onions and sugar beets on 73 hectares.

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