Monday, October 17, 2016

AKTC Project Autumn Farmers Day

The AKTC (African Knowledge and Training Centre) is a public/private partnership between the German Ministry of Agriculture, Zambian Ministry of Agriculture as well as a number of German Agriculture companies including Bayer.

It is facilitated in Zambia by the Zambian National Farmers Union and based at the Golden Valley Agricultural Research trust in Chisamaba. The mandate of the partnership is to provide best use practices for row crop farming as well as promoting the sustainable growth of potatoes through introduction of new varieties and increased use of machinery.

Farmers days and farmer information sessions are held on a regular basis throughout the year, with the farmer`s day coinciding with the seasonal farming activities. The AKTC project allows us to reach a targeted group of commercial and emerging farmers that we would not have access to, through their marketing activities. It also serves as a valuable base for Stewardship training. For the Autumn farmers day we showcased a Velum trial as well as Bayer potato spray program, we were able to lift a couple of lines and highlight the difference in size and yield.


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